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The Dictatorship of the User

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Government supplied technology in its traditional form There is a quiet revolution going on in the business world. Like so many others, it was started by US technology startups. Unlike most, this one may have deep implications for the delivery of public services and the future of our democracy. The visionary persona, whether in business or in politics, is under attack. These seers, standing outside their times, are imagined to see into the future. They take their visionary insights […]

The War of Metaphors : Why the Global Financial Crisis Was Marxs’ Revenge

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“universal history is the history of a few metaphors.” Jorge Luis Borges On February 20, 1974 Hiroo Onoda, an army intelligence officer of the Imperial Japanese Army, left the Philippine jungle. He had spent the previous 19 years continuing to fight the Pacific War despite Japan’s surrender. Ono refused to hand over his sword until his old commanding officer, then a civilian bookseller, travelled to the Philippines to receive it in person. Onoda’s identity was defined by […]