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Low interest rates – a toxic medicine

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Low interest rates are the solution to the problem of deficient demand in the same way that taking heroin is the solution to the problem of heroin addiction – quick acting, superficially compelling and yet totally wrong. If there is one belief that unites the UK mainstream it is a belief in the benefits of low interest rates. The chief desire of successive UK governments has been to finagle lower interest rates by any means. Investors have […]

Evolutionary Economics – respect natural cycles

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When we intervene in a complex adaptive system whose dynamics we do not understand, there is a possibility that the effects may be the very opposite of the ones we intend. Attempts to manage out the downswings in the business cycle can have unexpected consequences. Every era has its mysteries. Each society has its known unknowns. Some cultures approach the unexplained with humility, others pretend they have answers when they have none. For most of […]