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In the future everyone will be a conservative: the economy’s complexity undermines reform from left and right

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During the launch of Space Shuttle Columbia’s 28th mission a piece of foam insulation, the size of a small briefcase, broke off from an external tank and struck its left wing. Many shuttle launches had seen similar damage but this time it proved more serious. The space shuttle exploded on 1st February 2003,  as it entered the earth’s atmosphere, killing its crew of seven astronauts. A later investigation concluded that the physical cause of the loss of […]

The Populism Paradox: why the success of mainstream parties creates the conditions for their own destruction

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A cross Europe the mainstream parties that have dominated the continent for decades are fading. Their memberships are falling. Voter turnout is down. Those supporters they have retained are starved of enthusiasm. Meanwhile anti-system parties gain ever more vitality. The SNP in Scotland, UKIP in the UK, the FN in France go from strength to strength. Their simple messages calling for the repatriations of powers, together with their populist attacks on a ‘detached metropolitan elite’ are […]